Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships bring together people with the same cause, emotions and a zeal to make the world a better place to live in, under one roof and consistently work towards the betterment of the needy. Corporate Social Responsibility is a sure way to give back to the society. With such associations, organizations are able to pool their resources and serve the society in a way which otherwise seemed impossible before. We look forward to establishing strategic partnerships with notable organizations.

Institutional Partnerships

With our entrenched partnerships with Worldly Organizations and trusts, we firmly assure an unprecedented correspondence and support to the burgeoning of Children welfare. We would like to invite all the development agencies, donor organizations, Academic Institutions, federations and associations around the world to amalgamate and help us create a far reaching impact in the weaker sections of the society and make this world a better place to live in for all of us and for generations to come!
We Accept donations in form of Grants, Financial Contributions and Product Donations

Event Sponsorships

Each child is different. Every child needs to be ushered in the right direction of development. The activities conducted focus on understanding of the policies for children, victims of natural disasters, raising awareness about critical issues in children’s development and more. Associating with Pinnacle Charitable Foundation assures you a brand collaboration, association and grants you access to a diversified society and also facilitates your contribution in making a remarkable change in their lives.